Realme is yet another manufacturer that eliminates chargers from the standard package


The trend of not bundling new smartphones with a charger is getting wider and wider. This decision has already been confirmed by another well-known manufacturer, Realme. So far this solution has only been used in one model, but this is probably just the beginning.

The first to take this step was Apple, and following the giant from Cupertino are other major players – we are talking here primarily about the company Samsung, which also excludes chargers from the package in much cheaper models from the Galaxy A series.

Now it’s time for another well-known manufacturer – Realme announced that in the box with the future Narzo 50A Prime budget smartphone, we will no longer find this accessory. The company said the move is related to achieving zero carbon emissions by 2025.

Interestingly, Realme’s CEO, Madhav Sheth, has been skeptical in recent weeks about the idea of eliminating chargers from the box because of the ever-growing power of fast-charging technology. According to him, few people would decide to buy a device that allows you to charge at 65 or 150 watts of power – if that rate were still low, the company would have decided to drop the accessory long ago.