iRobot Create 3 is a cleaning robot that can’t vacuum. What is it for?


The renowned manufacturer of robotic cleaners iRobot has released a device designed to help users and engineers better understand how these cleaning machines work. The Create 3 robot is based on the Roomba i3 in many elements.

In recent years, robotic cleaners have become one of the most popular household appliances that greatly help keep our homes in order. These devices are still under development, and the latest initiative of the iRobot brand allows many more people to understand how these devices work.

The iRobot Create 3 will go on sale, so the device is something of a “cleaning robot.” That’s because it’s a piece of equipment that has been designed to thoroughly learn how it works, and also allows developers to develop new features on their own.

The Create 3 does not have the ability to vacuum, but it offers many other features to expand robotics knowledge. It comes pre-assembled and equipped with Wi-Fi, an Ethernet-USB host and Bluetooth. It also features an inertial measurement unit (IMU), optical floor tracking sensor, wheel encoders and infrared sensors for autonomous localization, navigation and telepresence applications. It also includes cliff, bump and slide detection, as well as LED lights and a speaker.