Firefox 100 for Android is available in beta


Mozilla has announced the beta release of the latest version of Firefox with the anniversary number 100. It is currently available for Android devices and introduces one important new feature.

Google released a stable version of Chrome 100 a few days ago, and now Mozilla is moving in the same direction. Firefox 100 has only appeared in beta so far, and the app can be used by Android mobile device owners.

It seems that the latest distribution of this browser will not bring much news – at the moment Mozilla has implemented one solution, which we already know from the desktop version of Firefox.

We are talking about a mode that allows you to display only pages with the HTTPS protocol. Although the vast majority of Web sites already have it, we still find Web sites on the Internet without this protection. With this tool, we can block them from displaying both in private mode and in all tabs.

We can expect that this is not the end of the news that Firefox 100 will bring in the mobile edition – the stable version will appear on Google Play on May 3.