Xiaomi may soon establish a partnership with the Leica brand


Smartphones made by Xiaomi could soon receive strong support when it comes to mobile photography capabilities – there are many signs that a partnership between the Chinese company and Leica will be announced in the near future.

Smartphone manufacturers very often use the expertise of camera and photographic manufacturers, which helps to get more opportunities in the field of mobile photography – such a collaboration we could see, for example, between Nokia and Zeiss or Huawei and Leica . Now the second of these companies could end up in the hands of another major Chinese manufacturer.

In the source code of the Chinese version of the MIUI Gallery app from Xiaomi traces of cooperation with the Leica brand were found. This mainly concerns the ability to edit photos and videos through filters signed with the name of a popular photo equipment manufacturer.

We are talking about four overlays that change color and offer different visual effects. At the moment, they are not available, so many indicate that they will be available soon, first of all, probably will hit the flagship devices.

We can expect that this is just the beginning of a collaboration between Xiaomi and Leica – it is possible that the Chinese manufacturer will also take advantage of that brand’s expertise in developing camera-enabled software, and maybe even mobile lenses.