Dyson introduced headphones with a built-in air purifier (video)


The latest Dyson device is a very unusual gadget – we are talking about headphones with active noise cancellation, which owe their futuristic appearanceā€¦ The Dyson noise-cancelling headphones owe their futuristic appearance to a built-in air purifier.

We can say for sure – Dyson Zone, without a doubt, are some of the most original headphones, which can cause great interest in the street. Their classic design was paired with an air purifier that was placed right in front of our lips.

The whole design of the air purification mechanism is quite original – it is sucked inside the headphones through the headphones, then filtered and transferred to the front of this accessory, and then blown directly onto the user’s nose and mouth.

The device can operate in three cleaning intensity modes, and Dyson guarantees that the filtration system used is capable of removing 99% of harmful compounds, including coronaviruses. According to the manufacturer, the filters will have to be replaced after about a year of using these headphones.

It’s also worth remembering that the Zone is the first Dyson headphones – it has three modes of active noise cancellation and will work without wires. Unfortunately, we do not know more details related to this unusual accessory. The Dyson Zone headphones will go on sale later this year.