Xiaomi unveiled new robotic cleaners with a conversation function (video)


Two new models of robotic cleaners from the Roborock series will soon go on sale – devices marked G10S and G10S Pro. Interesting is the fact that the more advanced equipment allows you to talk to the household thanks to a built-in webcam and microphone.

Both new cleaning robots from Xiaomi have an elegant, modern look – this is due to the fact that Pininfarina, an Italian car design company, participated in the design of these machines.

Both models received an external docking station that allows the robots to empty themselves. We also get a cleaning rag to clean the floors as standard, and we can buy additional accessories that allow us to dry it warm or automatically refill the water tank.

The suction power of the new robots is up to 5100 Pa, and the floor cleaning mechanism is capable of emitting 3,000 sound vibrations per minute during cleaning. The battery has a capacity of 52,000 mAh.

The devices are equipped with a special algorithm that indicates when the robot should be recharged, as well as choosing the right moment to use a wet rag to clean the floors. Interestingly, the Pro version offers the ability to communicate with the household thanks to a built-in webcam, and also has LED backlighting lamps instead of the standard infrared beam.

Both new models are already on sale in China and are likely to appear in other markets soon. The price of the basic robot is 4,799 yuan