Garmin D2 Mach 1 – smart watch for pilots and aviation enthusiasts


The company Garmin, known primarily for the production of sports smartwatches, introduced a new model of such a device on the market. The equipment, called D2 Mach 1, is an offer that pilots and aviation enthusiasts will appreciate.

The new Garmin smartwatch is a very durable device – the display frame is made of titanium, and the display itself is covered by a durable sapphire crystal. The 1.3 display itself is a panel using AMOLED technology, which allows you to read the content even in strong ambient light.

Pilots here have access to a number of interesting options. One of them, for example, is the interactive scrolling map, which allows us to point out points of interest on the journey and get more data.

It’s also a rich set of navigational data – the smartwatch offers access to the world aviation database and the current HSI course. In addition, we can count on comprehensive weather forecasts in NEXRAD, METAR, TAF and MOS formats, and the suite is complemented by detailed information about destination airport parameters.

Of course, there is no shortage of wellness features here. In the context of pilots, an oximeter will be important, showing the body’s ability to adapt to conditions at different altitudes. In addition, the smartwatch allows you to monitor stress levels, heart rate and blood saturation. The battery also looks solid, allowing the device to last up to 11 days.