Samsung adds a third line of foldable smartphones


Until now, Samsung’s entire strategy for foldable smartphones has been based on Flips and Folds. Now it turns out that another line of models may join the range.

Apparently, Samsung is aware of the growing competition, which may be why a new line of foldable models will be launched. A report from the Dutch portal Galaxy Club indicates that Samsung is preparing to release something completely new. They claim that there are codes for three new devices: the B4, Q4 and N4.

The B3 and Q3 were followed by the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Therefore, we can safely assume that the codes B4 and Q4 mean future models, already the fourth generation, which will most likely be presented as early as this year. So what is this device with the marking N4? We can assume that this is another foldable smartphone. Leaks indicate that it will be produced in smaller quantities than the B4 and Q4. Therefore, we can assume that it will be an experimental product.