Thanks to this patent, Xiaomi will leave their competitors far behind!


Xiaomi has invested in obtaining a patent for a larger fingerprint scanner, which could soon lead to improved functionality in mid-sized devices, a reader mounted on the back.

In conventional capacitive sensors, the surface to which a finger can be placed is small and requires precise positioning of the finger – however, this should not be a big problem, because today’s scanners are very fast.

However, it is about security – a scanner with a larger surface means that more data is read from the finger, and this in turn protects the user from accidental unlocking by unauthorized persons.

Mid-range smartphones are getting thinner and thinner, which constantly reduces the space available for a standard scanner. Xiaomi’s sensor can make better use of this limited area while maintaining its natural lightning speed.

The patent filed by the manufacturer makes sense, because capacitive sensors are still one of the most important ways to protect access to a smartphone. This is important for mid-range models without OLED screens, because they are where we encounter sensors on the side frame – a trend that will continue over the next few years.