An American startup wants to make broadband available on the moon. The timeline is known


The startup Aquarian Space has announced its very ambitious plans. The company wants to be a broadband Internet provider in space. The plans include the moon, which is important in the context of plans for its future colonization. However, the company does not intend to stop there and is already thinking about providing network access on Mars as well.

Aquarian Space announced that it has received $650,000 in funding from Draper Assosciates for its high-speed Internet connection project linking Earth to the Moon. This will make it possible to launch a system called Solnet as early as 2024. According to the startup’s plans, Solnet will be based on commercial satellite networks with high data rates of up to 100 Mbit/s. This is higher than the average speed in many developed countries of the world.

Aquarian Space also guarantees that its technologies will be compatible with those of other organizations, so the integration should be simple and uncomplicated. Unfortunately, the startup doesn’t give any details – the amount of information available on its website is relatively small. So it may turn out that claims about a space internet in 2024 have been somewhat exaggerated.