Xiaomi is cleaning up apps. The end of Mi Fit and Xiaomi Wear


Xiaomi is cleaning up its apps for smart watches and fitness bracelets! Instead of four different programs, users will now have two new apps at their disposal.

Fans of Xiaomi wearable devices may have already noticed the changes in their smartwatches. The existing programs supporting our smart watches and bracelets have disappeared from the app menu, and in their place there are two new ones: Mi Fitness and Zepp Life.

This move was dictated by the need to standardize the available apps. So far, among the five available, it has become a real mess. The first one, Mi Fitness, replaces three existing apps at once – Xiaomi Wear / Xiaomi Wear Lite 7 and Xiaomi Health.

Mi Fitness will work with the latest Xiaomi Watch 1S and Xiaomi Watch 1S Active, as well as the Mi Smart Band 6 bracelet and the Redmi Smart Band Pro, Mi Watch, Mi Watch Lite and Redmi Watch 2 Lite smart watches.

Owners of slightly older Xiaomi devices will have to adjust, too. Those who have been using the Mi Fit app so far will now see a new app called Zepp Life. This app will support devices like the Mi Smart Band 5 or Mi Smart Band 4. Interestingly, the above app has so far only been dedicated to Xiaomi’s sub-brand Amazfit hardware.