A robot for cleaning… toilets (video)


Robots are designed to perform tasks that are difficult or dangerous for humans, so it seems fitting that one of them should also be for cleaning the toilet.

It’s clear to everyone that cleaning the toilet is at the top of the list of chores that even adults don’t like to do. Some even hire other people to do it, but why settle for regular expenses when you can just buy a robot that will be only too happy to clean the toilet for you.

Considering what it’s designed for, it’s a little ironic that Giddel looks pretty cute. The big blue eyes on its black face look at you almost innocently, hovering in the middle of the toilet bowl. Pressing one of those eyes, which are actually control buttons, causes Giddel to methodically twist and clean the toilet bowl, including hard-to-reach places you probably wouldn’t even dare touch.

Like other cleaning robots, Giddel also has a docking station where it stands and charges when you don’t need it. You can also use the liquid cleaning solutions and replacement brushes you need to extend the life of this robot.

A toilet cleaning robot that is easy to set up and use will be crucial for people with disabilities who can’t do it themselves and can’t always get help. This is definitely the type of robot that will be needed in the homes of the future, not just vacuum cleaners and robotic mops.