Edge X30 with under-screen webcam


Motorola Edge X30 Under Screen Camera was officially introduced as the first Motorola smartphone with a 60-megapixel camera under the screen.

A new version of the Motorola Edge X30 went on sale in China – we are talking about the announced Under Screen Camera variant, that is a selfie camera hidden under the display glass. This is still a rare gadget in the world of high-end smartphones.

The legendary brand was not afraid to introduce a new element on the front, resulting in a beautiful smartphone – Moto Edge X30 (USC)

The flagship is supported by narrow and symmetrical bezels on each side, which surround the flawless flat-shaped display. The matrix itself is technically unchanged, so most users will be satisfied with the 144 Hz refresh rate and Full HD+ resolution.

The resolution of the webcam under the screen is a solid 60 MP, and, for example, photos taken with it are still waiting – independent tests will show whether Motorola has overcome problems with the sharpness of under-screen selfies and faded colors. If so, a whole new path will open up for flagships.