The mega-popular YouTube Vanced is ceasing to exist. What’s in its place? There’s a great alternative!


YouTube Vanced is ceasing to exist. The developers of the free YouTube client have announced the end of the project. What’s in the place of YouTube Vanced? We have an alternative.

In the coming days, links to download the YouTube Vanced application will disappear from the official website of the project. As a reminder, for obvious reasons, it’s officially unavailable on the Google Play store.

Officially no one knows why YouTube Vanced ceases to exist. Most likely it’s because of Google lawsuit. The creators of Vanced, however, did not speak out about it, but apologized to their users and thanked them for using their application during those several years of work.

At the moment, the most reasonable alternative to YouTube Vanced is NewPipe.

NewPipe is a free YouTube client that also supports PeerTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp and media.ccc.de. There are no ads, no background playback, and no movie downloads either.

There’s just one big difference: On NewPipe, we don’t authorize with Google data. We do everything inside the app, but with the option to import data between devices.