DDR3 memory stock is shrinking fast


TrendForce analysts report that the stock of DDR3 RAM is rapidly dwindling. Customers are still using PCs with this old memory standard, and soon we may see an increase in prices for these modules.

Although the DDR5 standard has been on the market relatively recently, with high prices and low availability of new modules, many users are still hesitant to upgrade to new PCs. There are still many machines with DDR3 memory in our homes, which is reflected in the market situation.

TrendForce analysts report problems with “fast disappearing” DDR3 memory modules. Mainly this situation is influenced by the reduction of production volumes of these cards – some manufacturers refuse to produce them, shifting their computing power to the newest models in the DDR5 standard.

There are also reports about mass purchases of DDR3 memory by large corporations – they decide to stock the modules, being afraid of market deficit and price growth.

This situation should be reflected in the prices of DDR3 memory – we can expect, however, a rather small increase of about 5%. It is also worth mentioning that while Samsung and SK Hynix intend to stop production of these modules soon, Micron has no such plans yet, which should ensure the supply of DDR3 by 2026.