New Android feature will save memory space without uninstalling an app


Android smartphone users will soon be able to take advantage of a new feature that will give them extra space for data. Google’s OS will be able to temporarily delete parts of unused apps to free up space in internal memory.

While today’s smartphones often have 128GB of internal storage or more, and creating space for new games or apps is not an issue, there are still many inexpensive devices on the market that offer users 32GB or less.

For this reason, finding space for new apps or media in cheaper devices is not the easiest and often requires removing old programs. Google wants to change this by introducing an interesting new feature to the Android system, tentatively called “app archiving.”

The system will delete parts of the application that are not used or unwanted by us for a long time – Android will be able to download the missing data at any time, if we want to return to this element. It is important that when deleting a part of the application, the user data will be archived and will not be lost, and the functionality of the selected program will be fully restored.

The new functionality for Android has already been presented to developers, so we can expect smartphone users to use it within a few weeks.