The first Intel graphics card for desktop PCs will be available in a few weeks


Many gamers are still waiting for the debut of Intel’s long-announced desktop graphics chipset. Their premiere, according to the latest reports, should take place before the summer break.

According to recent reports, the company’s first graphics card designed for desktops will be the most powerful of the three planned variants. It is based on the Alchemist system with 512 execution units, supporting up to 32GB of GDDR6 graphics memory on a 256-bit bus.

The first test samples of this chip are expected to arrive in about two weeks, while the premiere is scheduled for May or June this year. This means that Intel’s new graphics systems will come off the production lines in the next two months, which could mean that the company is preparing a solid stock of these GPUs for the market premiere.

There are plenty of signs that three Intel Arc Alchemist series graphics chips from different price points will go on sale this year. The group’s goal is to sell at least one million GPUs in each subsequent year.