WhatsApp is preparing another new feature – it will allow you to create polls within chats


WhatsApp is the most popular messenger, which is constantly evolving. More news from the beta version of the app is on the way. The first is the ability to create polls in group chats. The second is a special section dedicated to the community.

Metaplans reveals to us the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS with the number It was there that we found information about surveys that can be created in group chats. This will allow you to take a poll of group members. It is shown in the screenshot below. It is worth adding that the probes should be fully encrypted.

Another new feature will be a special section dedicated to the community. The new tab allows you to easily track the groups to which the user belongs. It is not yet known exactly how this is supposed to work.

Both of these WhatsApp news are currently in development. This means that they are not yet ready for launch, but the popular messenger will probably get them later this year.