Premiere of the powerful Lenovo Legion Y90


Lenovo Legion Y90 is a smartphone, which premiered in China. This is a great gaming smartphone, which has an E4 144Hz screen, additional SSD memory and up to 18 GB of RAM.

The powerful Lenovo Legion Y90 has already begun to be presented in the Celestial Empire and is likely to go on sale later worldwide under a changed name, but will retain excellent specifications.

The Legion Y90 should be efficient – it has a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. Fan cooling and passive cooling will keep temperatures as low as possible, and 12 to 18GB of RAM (LPDDR5) will provide room for gaming. There’s also 4GB of virtual memory.

Significant progress has been made in internal memory. The 18GB RAM version has added an SSD drive to the standard UFS 3.1 cells, creating a RAID 0 array – this will significantly speed up data writing and reading, as well as increasing capacity.

Game comfort depends not only on performance, but also on the screen and accessories. Additional features consist of manual key support on the side frame and touch detection on certain parts of the display. The matrix itself is a powerful AMOLED E4 panel (6.92 inches) made by Samsung – with 144 Hz refresh rate and 720 Hz touch, Full HD+ resolution and 3.4 ms response time.

The Lenovo Legion Y90 specs are rounded out by a 5,600 mAh battery with 68W of charging (energy recovery will take 35 minutes). The flagship also has two USB-C ports, 5G, WiFi 6 ax (2xMIMO), 64MP + 13MP cameras, stereo speakers, and a 16MP selfie camera.