TikTok extends video time again


TikTok has once again decided to increase the maximum time limit for publishing videos. Now they can last up to 10 minutes. This is 10 times more than what the platform offered less than a year ago. However, not everyone likes this change.

TikTok is constantly trying to adjust to the demands of users of the popular platform. A few months ago, Bytedance announced that it was increasing the maximum movie time to three minutes. Before this change they could last up to 60 seconds, now we learn that shared videos can be even longer.

Some time ago, TikTok launched a pilot program in which some users could share 5-minute videos and others could even share 10-minute recordings. Finally, the second option was chosen, and that is what is being implemented into the app on a global basis.

Some platform users don’t like this change. Thus, the company is moving more and more away from the brief forms it has been known for since the beginning. Nevertheless, it is giving itself more opportunities to share ads.