Wanted to deprive children of the Internet and… deprived the whole town of the net

  • February 20, 2022

Sometimes it’s a bad idea to deny children access to the Internet. One man in France made sure of that.

In France, a father came up with an idea to reduce Internet access for his children because, as you can easily guess, they spent too much time in front of computers. To do this, he used a signal jammer, thinking that it would deny his house access to the web – at least for a while. Unfortunately, it turned out that he had inadvertently deprived an entire town of Internet access.

The interference was perhaps too effective, as the entire town of Messangez had no access to the network or Internet services. The Internet service provider reported the then-mysterious case to the ANFR (Agence Nationale des frequences), which is responsible for managing the radioelectric spectrum in France. It was determined that someone had turned on a powerful jammer in the city, which cut off all radio transmissions. The technician determined that the source of the interference was in a neighboring town and at that time was already aware of the failed scheme of a certain daddy. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the hapless father did not want to permanently remove access to the network of the entire town, the use of a jammer in France is illegal, which is as much as €30,000 fine and imprisonment for up to six months.