Casio’s new sports watches were made of… from corn and beans

  • February 19, 2022

Casio has unveiled the new PRW-61 sports watch, which expresses its concern for the environment – beans and corn are used for production, with recharging from solar energy.

Casio together with the new watch PRW-61 shows that ecology has also reached the classic watches. This model was made of bio-plastic derived from castor bean as well as corn. This material was used to make the case, case back, and strap. In addition, it was all packaged in paper rather than plastic.

Aside from these novelties, Casio’s new watch looks like the brand’s standard reinforced equipment. Thus, there is – in addition to the basic function of displaying the current time – also a stopwatch, a countdown timer, five programmable alarms, a full hour alarm, and a calendar and backlighting based on two LED lamps.

The manufacturer has also equipped the watch with a digital compass, barometer and thermometer, which will make long hiking trips easier. The watch will be available in three colors: khaki with a black ring, black with a silver ring, and all-black. This model is priced at 59,400 yen in its native Japanese market