A replacement for gaming keyboards has been invented


Can any of you imagine a future where keyboards and mice are no longer used for gaming?

Edward Larkin, a designer who used to work for Razer and his company has announced the Alt Motion Controller, a futuristic-looking device that, according to the developers, could revolutionize PC gameplay.

How will the novelty work? In short, we are dealing with an oblong controller, which, in addition to the two rather classic knobs, uses a centrally located joystick. Playing with this device is done by using all three elements. No buttons, triggers, etc. Moreover, the controller is fully customizable. The designers promise “hundreds of possibilities” in this area.

Larkin doesn’t expect the Alt Motion Controller to completely replace the keyboard and mouse, but he says it will offer players far more features and greater gaming comfort. The device should be delivered to the first users as soon as this year. Its price in the U.S. will be $250.

Of course, the question is how much time will be spent learning how to use the Alt Motion Controller. According to Larkin, 15 to 24 hours is enough time to master his new device sufficiently for casual gameplay.