U.S. army uses robots to patrol borders


Military technology is increasingly moving toward robotics. It is increasingly common to hear about the military’s use of combat drones or unmanned aerial vehicles. True, in most cases they are operated by a remotely trained operator, but artificial intelligence technology is constantly being developed that may soon prove more reliable than humans. The reasons for introducing drone solutions are simple, it is the desire to be able to attack the enemy as much as possible, with the slightest risk of loss to one’s own people.

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, roboprops may soon enter the southern border of the United States. Their mission is to patrol the surrounding area. The purpose of this venture is to create technology that will make it possible to secure places in hostile environments for humans and animals.

Boston Dynamics currently has one of the most popular robot is the Ghost Vision 60, weighing 32 kg and 76 cm tall, which is able to walk about 12 kilometers in 3 hours on one battery charge. They can move autonomously or be controlled remotely by an operator, and can come with a number of different enhancements that increase their functionality. A camera, thermal imager and night vision will be used to patrol the border.