Twitter started global tests of the “I don’t like” button


Twitter users will soon be able to express their disapproval of the content posted on this site – the “I don’t like” button is in the initial stage of testing.

Attempts by Twitter to introduce a button with the opposite meaning to the heart used on this portal have been underway for a long time. In all likelihood, there is now relatively little time before this feature is officially launched.

Representatives of this social network reported that global testing of this solution has just begun. This comes after several months of testing the mentioned feature in several countries.

However, the capabilities of the “dislike” button will be limited. We will use it only for replies, not for posts. In addition, the counter will not be presented to the public, but will be used by Twitter to analyze what content users want to display.

First of all, the new button will benefit users of the site in the desktop version – soon it will be available in mobile applications for Android and iOS. Nothing is yet known about the official implementation of this functionality, but we can expect it to be a matter of up to a few months.