Gucci presented a case for the headphones AirPods Max. The price is shocking


The fashion house Gucci released a very original fashion accessory – a case-wallet for the headphones Apple AirPods Max. Although the hardware itself is not cheap, the price of this accessory is shocking.

AirPods Max headphones are undoubtedly one of the most expensive accessories in Apple’s offering – these first full-size wireless headphones from the Cupertino giant hit the market in 2020, and their price in our country is 50,000 rubles. The fashion house Gucci offers a very stylish, but very expensive way to take care of this expensive technology.

On sale will be a small bag that acts as a protective case. The accessory plays the role of an element of the very famous Ophidia handbag series, which went on sale in 2018. Of course, the characteristic pattern of this line is also present, as well as the recognizable logo of this brand.

Of course, there is also a strap that allows you to wear the headphones on your shoulder, although due to a rather original design, the headband of the headphones protrudes beyond the purse, creating the illusion of grip.

However, people who want to buy this case should be prepared for a significant expense – the price of this bag is as much as $980.