Will Intel save the video card market?


The situation in the video card market looks quite deplorable. The supply crisis, increased demand and the cryptocurrency boom are resulting in affordability issues and severely overpriced stores. Intel has announced that it has an ambitious plan to improve this situation.

The difficult situation in the video card market has recently been talked about in PC Gamer. The editorial published an open letter to the head of Intel, Pat Gelsinger, in which he asks to help players who are suffering from hardware availability problems. It’s Intel, as the third “player” in the graphics card market, is the only way out of the crisis… at least, so the letter authors say.

The letter itself is not very revealing (at least it does not describe anything new that we do not know about).

For his part, Raja Koduri, head of Intel’s graphics division, published an interesting response to the editorial letter.

According to Koduri, Intel is working hard to find a solution to the hardware availability problem – the manufacturer wants to deliver millions of Arc graphics cards to players every year.

The goal seems ambitious. However, the question remains as to whether it will be realized.

Whether the cards will actually end up in the hands of players is another question. It is known that the manufacturer does not intend to limit the possibility of mining on its systems, so the equipment may well fall into the hands of cryptocurrency miners.

Nevertheless, we can only hope for Intel.