Nvidia unveiled technology that improves ray tracing performance


Future Nvidia graphics systems will feature a solution called Subwarp Interleaving – it should improve the performance of games that use ray tracing techniques.

Nvidia is working on the development of Subwarp Interleaving technology, a solution that will clearly affect the performance of that manufacturer’s graphics systems in terms of their use in ray tracing support.

In practice, the solution to improve the technique that affects the more realistic lighting of games should be simple – Nvidia technicians are working on a technology in which obstacles in the form of so-called designer blocks, which complicate the calculation of lighting effects and slow down the games.

According to preliminary estimates, the performance of some games using Subwarp Interleaving should increase up to 20%, and on average we will see 6% more frames on the screen.

However, the development of this technology is at a very preliminary stage – it is very unlikely that it can be used in the GeForce RTX 4000 series cards, codenamed Ada Lovelace, scheduled for this year. More likely to debut in the next RTX 5000 series, scheduled for release in 2024.