Wi-Fi 7 will allow you to download data at about 40 Gbps


Wi-Fi 7 is the next version of the wireless standard, which is being developed under the name 802.11be. It will bring various improvements, the most important of which will be an increase in data transfer speeds. Devices compatible with Wi-Fi 7 should be able to transfer files at actual speeds of around 40 Gbps.

Not long ago we saw the first devices compatible with Wi-Fi 6E, and meanwhile the next generation of the standard, number 7, is on its way. Also known as 802.11be. What can we expect from it? Certainly increased data transfer speeds.

In theory, Wi-Fi 7 is expected to deliver bandwidths of 46 Gbps. The actual transmissions will be lower, but everyone is still expecting speeds around 40 Gbps. That means a 25GB Blu-ray movie can be transferred in seconds. That’s impressive.

In addition, Wi-Fi 7 will use up to 16 antennas to transmit and receive data. It’s true that most available devices use 2×2 MIMO, but even connecting many of them to an 802.11be-compatible router will provide a more stable connection and faster file transfers.

Many companies are currently testing and planning to implement the new standard, but we’ll wait to see the results until 2023.