German Bionic has developed an intelligent exoskeleton capable of “learning” from users’ mistakes


German Bionic is a German company that has created a fifth-generation intelligent exoskeleton called the Cray X. The equipment is distinguished by its ability to learn from users’ mistakes. Combined with the Smart Safety Companion system, it is capable of alleviating common injuries associated with lifting heavy weights.

There is nothing new about exoskeletons that support human physical work. However, the German company German Bionic decided to improve this solution. The result of the engineers’ work is the fifth generation of the Cray X, which can be called an intelligent exoskeleton.

The outfit is designed as a 7 kg backpack with cylinders attached to the hips. They are responsible for the movement of the carbon fiber connectors attached to the top of the legs. This allows a person in an upright position to carry objects weighing up to 30 kg.

The Smart Safety Companion helps alleviate common injuries that can occur when lifting heavier objects.

It is a real-time application that runs in the background and can alert an employee when ergonomic risks become too high, explains Norma Steller, head of IoT at German Bionic.

The Smart Safety Companion collects a range of telemetry data, which is then analyzed by a machine-learning-based algorithm. This information is seen not only by employees, but also by their superiors, who can subject it to further analysis.