This tablet from Vivo could become very popular


Vivo Pad may become the most popular tablet on the market. The Chinese manufacturer has equipped it well, and it seems that the price for it will not be exorbitant.

The era of tablets is not ending, although many predicted it long ago. Tablets are not likely to be supplanted by the growing range of foldable smartphones in the near future. Moreover, the market for these devices should replenish itself anew in the near future with excellent tablets not only from manufacturers such as Apple, but also from Chinese brands such as Vivo.

The Vivo Pad is a whole new approach to tablets. The new generation will offer great displays with refresh rates of up to 120 Hz and a very sensational battery of up to 8040 mAh. All of this in a compact package with narrow bezels.

Vivo has taken care of other components as well. The tablet has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor, which is ideal for such devices. The lucky owners of the Vivo Pad will be able to charge it with 44 watts of power. So far, very little is known about this device. Vivo has not even named an official world premiere date.

As for the price, it should be adequate. In China, it is estimated at 2000 yuan