Twitter is copying TikTok again. Reaction video tests continue


Twitter has decided to borrow again one of the features well known from the TikTok app. It’s the Tweet Take feature, which allows you to share your video response along with a quote. In this way, users can choose an option instead of a regular retweet. For now, the new feature is still in the testing phase.

Twitter occasionally borrows features known from other apps. The current borrowed feature is called Tweet Take and combines two other options for posting from the site. These are retweeting and sharing a quote. The latter solution allows you to share another user’s post along with a reaction in the form of a video. How does it work?

The user can select another person’s post and then share it along with the reaction in a short video or photo. The original post will be attached to it as a content card. It is not yet known when this update will be available to all users of the site. At the moment, a pilot program in the app for iOS devices is underway.