Samsung presents a new idea for a portable projector (video)


One of the innovative products introduced at this year’s CES in Las Vegas is the Samsung The Freestyle portable projector. It is not a typical multimedia projection device, but rather a product that defines the concept of providing audio-visual content specifically designed for young people. Simplicity, versatility and functionality are meant to be the projector’s hallmarks.

Samsung The Frestyle is a combination of a projector, a smart speaker and an atmospheric lighting solution. All this is enclosed in a small body and it all weighs only 830 g. Thanks to the rotating stand (180 degrees) you can view videos on any plane: wall, table, floor and even the ceiling.

Samsung The Freestyle supports automatic Keystone correction and alignment, and in combination with automatic focusing. So it doesn’t take much effort to enjoy a 100″ image, the projector will automatically select the most important settings.