New Apple Watch ad sparks controversy


Apple has decided to take its advertising to another level. A new video related to the Apple Watch has caused quite a bit of controversy.

Apple wants us to know that buying a watch for almost $500 is a matter of life and death, and it was decided to convey that sentiment in the latest ad for the gadget. The ad is called “911” (the emergency number in the United States) and shows conversations between operators and people who were able — during an accident — to contact 911, almost standing over the grave.

Of course, all three of the cases shown in the commercial have happy endings, but Apple also suggests that, had it not been for the Apple Watch 7, these people would have died alone. On the one hand, such advertising does have some auxiliary aspect, but on the other hand, the company is simply exploiting fear and thereby convincing us to buy a watch that might one day save our lives.

It’s worth remembering that what Apple is advertising in the video, which you can watch below, is . a simple phone call. It’s just done with a watch, not a smartphone, which we always carry in our pocket anyway.