Telegram with a new update


Telegram has just announced a new update in which it showcases a long-awaited feature. It’s about responding to user messages during conversations.

Of course, this is not the only new feature in the December Telegram update. The most important addition is the reactions that we know from, for example, Messenger. To somehow react to a message, you just double-click it and select a reaction or, on iOS, swipe, on a given message, and select a reaction. Interestingly, each emoji has a small animation.

In addition, spoilers for movies and other media can also be tagged. Another important addition is the text translator. To launch it, you need to go into the language settings, and then enable the translation feature – then in the context menu of each message a special button will appear, and we will be able to translate the content data into our language. This function works in all versions of Android, and for iOS you must have this system version 15.

As for Telegram, the company recently introduced another new feature – a tool to promote bots and chat channels, that is, so-called sponsored messages. The company is also looking for ways to monetize Telegram and plans to introduce ads into this messenger, which can be turned off after subscribing to the premium version.