XPG demonstrates mouse concept with built-in SSD storage

  • December 28, 2021

XPG has unveiled an interesting concept of a computer mouse that will also carry an SSD.

We will learn more about the mouse at CES 2022, but some interesting facts about it the company has already announced. The XPG Vault mouse doesn’t seem to be any different from other devices of this type, but as it turns out, it has an SSD drive that can hold up to one terabyte of data.

It’s an interesting concept because it will allow gamers – because this product is aimed at them – to store their game library along with the mouse and move it around at will from place to place without having to store games on other media. Of course, in addition to gamers, such equipment would also be useful for students or students, for example, who can use the disk space to transfer documentation or projects.