OWO Game, a tactile vest that simulates … gunshot

  • December 25, 2021

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to fire a gun, you’re about to find out thanks to an innovative tactile vest.

Some people probably wonder why anyone would want such a vest, but there are at least a few potential uses. One that immediately comes to mind is training simulators and video games where you strive for as much realism and immersion as possible.

During police or military training, we want the situation to seem as real as possible, and a simulated gunshot can be a good reminder of why training is so important. On the other hand, gamers have long used tools that help them empathize with what’s happening on the screen — ultra-wide curved monitors, spatial sound, photorealistic graphics, vibrating pads, etc. — so it seems like a natural progression.

However, a Spanish company called OWO promises a whole new dimension of immersion with its OWO Game Vest, a tactile vest that can simulate a wide range of sensations in the upper body. According to the manufacturer, this means that soon we will be able to feel every blow, cut or gunshot – it doesn’t sound very pleasant, but no one expected otherwise.

The vest, compatible with mobile devices, computers, consoles and VR platforms, can give us up to 30 different sensations, and a shot is just one of them. You can also count on cutting, stabbing, hitting or biting an insect – luckily, there are more enjoyable sensations for balance, such as hugging, free-falling or driving at 160 km/h and many more.