A robot that climbs walls. Salvation for building restorers! (video)

  • December 19, 2021

A robot has been created that could revolutionize the work of building restorers and beyond. A device that climbs walls and clings to the ceiling is sure to make many people’s jobs easier.

The HB1 robot can check for surface cracks and irregularities on walls with different slopes and send high-resolution control images. It also has a surface painting attachment.

Using the economical and semi-autonomous HB1 means lower building maintenance costs, so you don’t have to erect high scaffolding to check the condition of the building or make minor repairs.

The robot holds up perfectly to walls, columns and ceilings thanks to two built-in electric fans. They suck air from the underside of the robot, ejecting it directly from the back, creating pressure.

The device moves easily over flat, curved, rough and, of course, smooth surfaces. It handles small obstacles in its path perfectly, such as electrical wires that can often appear on the walls of buildings.

The HB1 has four rubber coated wheels and connects to a remote operator with a 110V electrical cable. The robot can inspect the surface with optional equipment weighing no more than six kilograms. Thanks to this device it is also possible to perform spray painting of walls.

The robot was developed by employees of the startup ULK HausBots from the UK.