Hyundai MobED Universal Robot for Special Tasks (video)

  • December 18, 2021

Although at first glance it looks a bit like a skateboard on oversized wheels, what we’re really dealing with is a demonstration of Hyundai engineers’ capabilities, because MobED is an intelligent moving platform.

A stand for heavy cameras on movie sets, loading autonomous cars, vans, vehicles that improve mobility for people with disabilities or even strollers for children – the potential applications are many because, the Mobile Eccentric Droid was designed as a versatile mobile platform.

At first glance, it looks pretty simple, because it is essentially a rectangular body mounted on four large wheels, but the MobED was equipped with a lot of clever solutions. For example, the already mentioned wheels offer independent suspension, which allows you to maintain a horizontal position and stable movement even on uneven and sloping surfaces (each wheel independently adjusts its height, and pneumatic tires absorb vibration).

Adjusting the wheelbase (from 45 to 65 cm) and the steering angle allows even better adaptation of the platform to the conditions, so turning on the spot, tight corners, narrow corridors, slalom-like movement are no problem either, both at low and high speeds, and these latter are also very impressive, because the maximum speed MobED up to 30 km/h.

It is also worth adding here that the MobED platform is 67 cm long, 60 cm wide, 33 cm high and weighs 50 kg, and the 2 kWh battery allows about four hours on a single charge.

According to the manufacturer, a big advantage of its new solution is also its modularity, which allows us to use different applications depending on what we place on it.

It can be both a robot guide and an auxiliary platform for heavy equipment, as well as a transport base and stroller base, for a child, the elderly or people with disabilities.