A jet-powered robot that flies like Iron Man has been created

  • December 13, 2021

Different types of robots already walk and run, but soon they will still fly. At least, that is the plan of engineers at the Center for Robotics and Intelligent Systems at the Italian Institute of Technology. They have built a small robot that looks like a baby.

The iRonCub is set to revolutionize the robot industry and conquer the world. The Italian developers equipped their invention with a jetpack. Two jet turbines are attached to the robot’s arms and a fuel tank is mounted on its back.

The goal is to build an army of such compact robots that can fly through the air. Swarms of such robots can, like the police Iron Man, patrol a selected area and, if threatened, land at the right point and then take appropriate action.

The Italians do not hide the fact that in the future the robot may also find military applications. We are talking about supporting soldiers on battlefields or carrying out missions in dangerous terrain. At the moment, however, researchers are focused on using the robot for the public good, i.e. for civilian purposes.