Nvidia: video card availability will increase in the second half of 2022


It is not easy to buy a video card because the availability of this PC component is very poor. So many users are waiting for an improvement in supply and a simultaneous drop in price. Nvidia has good news for these people. It looks like things should improve significantly in the next few months.

We’ve heard about the improved availability of graphics cards several times, but Nvidia’s latest statements seem to be the most realistic. According to the company, there is hope for a significant improvement in hardware supply. Colette Kress, Nvidia’s CFO, said her company increased production in the fourth quarter of 2021 and intends to follow suit in future periods.

The bottom line, however, is that it believes Nvidia’s offerings will improve significantly in the second half of 2022. Part of that is due to long-term contracts worth billions of dollars that take into account growth in chip production.

Kress also touched on the issue of pricing. According to her, a decrease is only possible if there is sufficient supply in the market. In a situation where cards are flying around like hotcakes, it will be difficult to cut costs even at twice the recommended price. In such a situation users won’t buy equipment anyway, because it will simply be taken over by scalpers, who with their strategies of intraday speculation on stock, currency, commodity markets have a very strong influence on the current market realities.