Multi-purpose robot ANYmal can ride, walk, and even stand on two wheels (video)


Scientists at the Federal University of Technology in Zurich have created a multitasking robot that could revolutionize the street delivery market. Its capabilities and ease of overcoming urban obstacles surpass those of most inventions today.

The ANYmal robot is a development project started several years ago by researchers from the Federal University of Technology in Zurich. The first versions of the machine only had the ability to walk on all fours, like the famous robot from Boston Dynamics. Wanting to expand the capabilities of the design, the scientists decided to make several significant improvements to the invention. In doing so, they created perhaps the most versatile delivery robot ever.

The latest version of the ANYmal has been upgraded, among other things, with four sprung wheels. Thanks to them, the robot is able to move on flat surfaces at up to 22 km/h. But that’s not all. The robot’s curved legs allow it to effectively absorb vibrations and unevenness and traverse ramps, bumps and even stairs quickly and efficiently.

Of course, the new design still retains all the features known from previous developed versions. The aforementioned wheels can be blocked at any time, so the ANYmal switches back from driving mode to classic walking. Moreover, the robot can even stand up by balancing on its two hind legs. To maintain balance, the machine constantly analyzes data collected from numerous units. Cameras, a GPS module and LiDAR sensors are responsible for orientation in the field.

The designers assure that the current version of the robot is capable of running a full 90 minutes. It takes about three hours to charge the batteries. If everything goes according to the scientists’ wishes, their invention can appear on the market next year.