You have never seen such a robot with realistic facial expressions (video)


The robot from the British company Engineered Arts impresses with its realistic movement and facial expressions. The Ameca robot may disgust many, but it is undoubtedly a huge step forward in the development of robotics.

Although humanoid robots have been worked on for decades, their realism still leaves a lot to be desired. It is not about our low technological level, but about the incredibly complex mechanism of human bodies, which we will probably not be able to imitate with robots for a long time yet.

However, there has been a breakthrough. Ameca from the UK is a humanoid robot that boasts extremely realistic facial expressions and correct gestures. This is a credit to AI technology. True, it is still far from perfect, but it is safe to say that this is huge progress, as you can see for yourself by looking at the published footage of this robot.

It should be noted here that Ameca is a prototype in the demo. Work on it has been ongoing for several years and will continue for years to come. Engineered Arts reports that the upper part of the robot is already movable. The lower part is a little more complicated, and will only be completed in two to three years.

The British company has announced its humanoid robots, controlled by artificial intelligence technology, for use in hospitals, banks, events, where they can entertain guests, help tourists or even be used on television.