WhatsApp allows you to create your own stickers. We show you how to do it: easy as pie!

  • November 25, 2021

WhatsApp has long supported stickers, and users can choose from a variety of collections. Now they will also be able to create their own stickers. The new feature was noticed in a preview of the desktop version of the messenger. It is unknown whether a similar solution will go to the app for phones.

Sticker packs are a very popular alternative to emoji, which WhatsApp users often use. However, it has not been possible to create your own stickers. But this is eventually changing, although not yet in the final version of the software.

In the preliminary beta version of the desktop communicator, a new feature has been found that allows you to create your own stickers. This is possible in WhatsApp, running at the web browser level. Here, users can select photos or images stored on a computer. They can then be turned into stickers.

Users have an editor with tools that allow them to crop, rotate, sign and draw. At the moment, the feature is in the testing phase. It is not known whether WhatsApp plans to implement it in the mobile smartphone app as well. This will become clearer in time. It is worth adding that the new picture-in-picture mode is also at the testing stage.