The Giant Mech, a huge robot, is created (video)


Gradually, the world of science fiction is becoming a reality. At least when it comes to mechs and robots. Many futurists believe that the battlefields of the future will belong to such machines. It’s hard to disagree with that when you see a mechanical giant like the Prosthesis in front of you.

The company Furrion introduced an amazing large mech, with which it even organized a league of battles and races such scary inventions, but now it returns with new ideas. The mech is 4.5 meters tall and weighs almost 4 tons, but moves quite smoothly, as you can see in the video posted online.

This mech can tow a 2-ton vehicle or subdue small objects.

The operator can sit inside the machine and control it with special joysticks. So, we are talking about a human robot avatar. The batteries installed in the mech allow it to move at a speed of up to 33 km/h. This is not much, but taking into account the size of the device and the safety of its operator, this speed is quite enough.