Photoshop is available in a web version. Adobe is running tests


Photoshop has a new version. This time it’s a tool that can be launched from a web browser. So far it is possible in two programs. Adobe has launched web tests of Photoshop, but it doesn’t yet have much in the way of photo editing. In time, there will be more.

Photoshop in the web version is nothing more than a tool that runs at the web browser level. Adobe explains that, for now, it’s possible in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Support for other browsers will probably be added over time.

Photoshop Web is a fairly simple tool. At the moment, Adobe only provides access to basic photo editing features. The most popular ones have been added, such as retouching, selecting and adjusting images. You can also work with layers.

Adobe в веб-версии Phoroshop позволяет редактировать файлы PSD и сообщает, что со временем будут добавлены новые функции. Инструмент в настоящее время находится на стадии пилотной программы, поэтому, вероятно, он не без ошибок.Фото: blog.adobe.com