Microsoft is forcing Windows 11 compatibility software on all Windows 10!


Windows 11 is available now, but many people don’t realize they can upgrade to the new system for free. So Microsoft has decided to start implementing a new windows compliance tool on Windows 10 computers. This is being done without the users’ knowledge.

PC Health Check, as we’re talking about this tool, is a free program that checks your computer for Windows 11 hardware compliance. The software is free and can be downloaded by anyone. Now we learn that Microsoft has started installing it on Windows 10 PCs, which is going unnoticed.

Microsoft has decided to do a PC health check with the latest update for Windows 10, which hides behind the line KB5005463. This is an additional update that fixes various bugs and installs the Windows 11 compatibility checker without the user’s knowledge.

It’s unclear why Microsoft took this step. If for some reason you don’t need this tool on your computer, you can easily remove it. You can do this by going to “Applications and Features” in your settings. You can always download this program yourself and check if your device is compatible with Windows 11.