GeForce cards can again be used for mining cryptocurrency. Security breached


Nvidia imposed restrictions on users of GeForce RTX series video cards related to cryptocurrency mining. Thus, they started looking for a workaround for the “problem,” and it turned out to be software called T-Rex. It allows you to effectively mine around the manufacturer’s restrictions.

Cryptocurrency mining has led to various shocks in the video card market. Therefore, Nvidia decided to introduce restrictions for GeForce RTX series models, aimed at reducing the possibility of mining. However, work has begun to find ways to bypass the restrictions set by Nvidia, and one such solution is the T-Rex tool. It’s not perfect, but it may be worth considering in some cases.

T-Rex does not allow you to use 100% of your power to mine a particular cryptocurrency. However, it can be divided, for example, in the form of 30% for Ethereum and the remaining 70% for another one. However, it is possible that in the near future it will be possible to find better solutions