Windows 11 slows down Ryzen processors. Up to 15% performance degradation


After the launch of Windows 11, quite a lot of people decided to install the new system right away, without waiting for the first information about any serious bugs. Among them were also many users of AMD Ryzen processors, and unfortunately in their case it was not a good idea. It turns out that a significant bug has been found, leading to significant performance degradation, capable of up to 15%. It seems that the CPPC2 feature is not working properly.

AMD and Microsoft reported admitting bugs affecting chip performance in applications. The first concerns processor cache management L3-access times have been tripled. This causes programs that heavily load the memory subsystem to run less efficiently than before. According to the declaration, in most cases we are talking about 3-5% performance degradation, but it is possible to reduce it even by 10-15%, especially in eSports games.

There is also a bug in the CPPC2 function (also called “preferred core”), which may not schedule the use of preferred threads for the fastest CPU core. This, in turn, leads to poor performance in applications based on the performance of a single core. AMD mentions that the differences are mostly seen for chips with at least eight cores whose TDP exceeds 65W.

From a user perspective, the most important thing is that fixes are on the way. AMD and Microsoft announced the patch back in October 2021. It’s worth noting that while the system itself works pretty well, if you’re using and happy with Ten, a quick upgrade to Windows 11 might not make sense.