Intel shared details about DDR5-4800 memory for Alder Lake processors


Intel is getting ready to premiere its Alder Lake processors. We know that they will get support for the new DDR5 memory chips. Now we find out which modules from individual companies will be compatible with the 12th generation Core systems. Particular attention has been paid to DDR5-4800 memory.

Alder Lake processors are fast approaching, and we know that they are scheduled to premiere next month. These will be Intel’s first desktop chipsets to support DDR5 memory.

Intel commissioned Advanced Validation Labs, Inc (AVL) to run tests focusing on DDR5-4800. They are the core of the Alder Lake platform. The voltage is 1.1V and the average time is about 40-39-39. Initially, manufacturers will use 16-gigabit modules. Below is the list of modules tested for the new platform.